Web GIS, designed to display various satellite, model and in situ data


Web-catalog SATIN has been developed at the Satellite Oceanography Laboratory to search, preview and download remote sensing data. Being mainly an educational resource, it is aimed to give an introduction into the area of satellite oceanography. Hovewer, SATIN can also be used for any scientific application. A short user guide is available on our knowlegde base.


One of the directions of the laboratory - the creation of applications for interactive work with the data obtained from satellites. So at this point developed an interactive tool synthesizingnew generation data - SynTool Starter.



One of the directions of the laboratory. Polar lows are the part of a larger class of mesoscale weather systems. They are short but extremely intense weather phenomena which are observed over the cold waters of the ocean, have a characteristic scale of up to 1000 km and is characterized by strong rainfall and wind speeds exceeding 12 m/s.