Some descriptionStorm Ice Oil Wind Wave Watch System (SIOWS)

• is a Web GIS, designed to display various satellite, model and in situ data,
• it uses developed at SOLab storing, processing and visualization technologies for operational and archived data,
• it allows synergistic analysis of both historical data and monitoring of the current state and dynamics of the "ocean­-atmosphere-­cryosphere" system in the Arctic region, as well as Arctic system forecasting on the basis of thermodynamic models with satellite data assimilation

Other projects

About SOLab

One of the main task of the Satellite Oceanography Laboratory (SOLab) is to conduct research in the development of new methods and technologies for processing and analyzing of various satellite data types.

Thanks to this you can monitor the state of the ocean and the atmosphere, assess the anthropogenic load on the environment, as well as to predict natural hazards.

The priority task of the Laboratory, set by its head, Leading Scientist of the IFREMER - Bertrand Chapron, is the development of educational activities with students, young scientists and specialists of the RSHU.

In the near future it is planned to implement two pilot projects:
— development of an alternative wind power farms in the Gulf of Finland
— establishment of a system for environmental monitoring in the Arctic basin.